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The Clown Town Healing Fest is a joyous celebration promoting health and healing in community. It takes place February 27, 2016 at Arizona Center in Phoenix. We will mobilize the entire communities health care resources to inspire people to becoming healthier.

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Opening Night Reception: with Patch Adams, M.D. and Carl Hammerschlag, M.D. 

Patch and Carl will share their groundbreaking methodologies in promoting health and healing in communities all over the world, encouraging people to become the principal agents in their own healing. The presentation will be preceded by musical guests and followed by an opening-night reception.

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Clown Healing Workshop

Our healing connections with patients/people that we inspire and promote health. This pre-festival workshop with Drs. Patch Adams, Carl Hammerschlag, John Glick, and Bowen White M.D., and many other clowns, is intended for healthcare professionals interested in magnifying their healing power.


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Make A Red Clown Nose Selfie

Whether you’re planning to attend the Clown Town Healing Fest, you want to get well before you get sick, or just wonder what you’d look like wearing a clown nose, you can use our app to create your own Red Nose Selfie.

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Here's What People Are Saying…

Health Care Systems around the world prove to fail in healing. The solution for our Health Systems is not to get better – they have to become different. The Clown Town Healing Fest is a joyful, wise and different way to get the system into the change we all need so urgently. I am looking forward to the next Clown Town Healing Fest – let´s say  … in Vienna!?

Thank you Carl and Patch! With love standing by your side …


Editor, Health Care Executives/Leaders in Austria.